Nutrition Workshops

We offer workshops globally for teams, parents, and tournaments.

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What's Included in our Nutrition Workshops?

We pack a whole lot into our one hour sessions!

We provide handouts/emails for players & parents with a recap of everything discussed.

We also send home 1-2 performance recipes so you can start seeing results right away!

We will discuss:

  • Pre-Game Fuel
  • Post-Game Recovery
  • Hydration
  • And More!

We can also include:

  • How to eat during a tournament
  • Specific foods for performance
  • Smoothie/Energy Bite demos

We are happy to discuss topics tailored specifically for your team. 

Want more? We offer packages of multiple sessions to keep everyone on track throughout the season.

Team Nutrition Workshops

Your team will learn all about how to fuel themselves properly for ultimate performance plus learn a recipe or two. Contact us today to keep your team engaged and learning together.

Tournament Prep Workshop

Get your entire team knowing exactly what & when to eat during a tournament. Using your specific tournament schedule, we'll recommend foods for optimal performance so you can FUEL MORE WINS!

Better Performance

Results are a sure thing when an entire team works together to properly fuel themselves. Fuel more wins by making small and simple changes. Your team won't believe the difference.

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Running a Camp or After-School Program? 

Nutrition is the missing piece of the puzzle. You put in the work to master your sport and develop your skills, now it's time to get the edge you've been searching for with FUEL.

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Team/League Nutrition Programs

Seanna offers nutrition programs to keep your team on track all season long. Get in touch to start the discussion and we'll tailor a program that is perfect for your team, league, or organization.

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We hear for days: "When is Hockey Snacks coming back?"

"Seanna is absolutely amazing to work with. We have had her come out to a variety of our programs including our summer camps and PA days. She is very informative while making it fun and simple. We hear for days "When is Hockey Snacks coming back?" or "Can we have seconds?" Her positivity and energy is contagious and we can't recommend her enough.

Bliss Gatenby, Marketing Operations Manager for Bob Acton Sports

Fuel More Wins!

No matter the age, no matter the sport, we are happy to provide nutrition information that will benefit you as a team, and the player as an individual. Nutrition is essential, and we can help fuel your performance.

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