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Team Talks & Workshops

Want a fun, bonding experience for your team? How about an interactive Nutrition session that will also help improve their performance?

Team Talks include fun and simple information for kids and parents and we come to your rink, field, or wherever you are!

We can discuss any of the following topics or I’m happy to create a seminar for your needs:

  • Pre-game Nutrition & Post-Game Recovery Foods

  • Make Your Own Electrolyte Drink

  • Make Your Own Energy Bites (Nut-free)

  • Power Smoothies


Parent talks

As Parents, we’re often lost when it comes to providing the proper fuel for our players. A Nutrition talk keeps things simple and parents leave feeling confident in their abilities to provide the best for their young athlete. 

Choose from one of the following or let’s come up with one specifically for your team’s needs:

  • How to Stock Your Fridge & Pantry

  • Simple Snacks for fuel

  • What to eat, when to eat it…and what to avoid