This program is for teams that want to gain an edge over their competition and learn how to fuel their bodies for performance.


Nutrition is an essential part of development, and we show you how to integrate it easily into your training so you can perform at your best.


After this program, you will know how to fuel for pre-game energy, post-game recovery, what to eat and when, plus how to eat during a tournament to optimize energy and performance.



Seanna has over a decade of experience as a Nutritionist and is the founder of Hockey Snacks Inc. Her passion is teaching young athletes how to fuel their bodies with ease so they can reach their highest potential.

Week One

General Nutrition & Pre-Game Fuel

  • Macronutrients, Carbs, Protein, & Fats
  • How different foods work in the body as fuel
  • Pre-Game Timings
  • What to eat & when
  • Sample Meal Planning
  • Q&A
Week Two

Post-Game Recovery & Hydration

  • Post-Game Timings
  • What to eat & when
  • Optimal muscle recovery
  • Proper Hydration
  • Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, Chocolate Milk, etc.
  • Q&A
Week Three

Snacks, Supplements, & Off-Season

  • Best Snacks for fuel
  • Demystifying supplements 
  • How to eat during the off-season
  • Nutrition to support off-season goals
  • Q&A
Week Four

Tournament Prep Session

  • How to eat during a tournament
  • What foods to eat & when
  • How to pack a cooler
  • Good choices at restaurants
  • Plan out meals according to team schedule

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