What kind of snacks will i get?

Snacks will always include one piece of fresh fruit and a nut-free, low sugar snack. We pair with brands such as MadeGood, Martin's Family Fruit Farm, FreeYumm, and more. We are always sourcing more delicious and nutritious snacks for our kids.

is the fruit organic?

We are working towards organic produce in the future!

are drinks included?

It is the philosophy of the company to provide our little athletes with proper nourishment for their bodies after a game. Drinks such as juice or sports drinks are typically unnecessary at such a young age and we do not provide them. Water is the perfect hydration for young growing athletes!

do I have to pick up the snacks?

Snack bins are delivered to the rink on game day and empty bins are picked up the same day. Someone from your team may have to pick up the bin from a convenient location inside the arena (like a main office or lobby).

my child is allergic to wheat. Can he still participate?

Absolutely! We're able to accommodate for multiple allergies. get in touch for more information!

Can i order a snack for myself?

We're happy to provide a snack for everyone! We can increase the number of snacks in the bins to accommodate for parents, coaches, and siblings. Contact us for more information.


where do you get your fruit?

We try to purchase local fruit as often as possible, but living in Canada does have it's challenges in the winter months. We source our fruit with quality and consistency in mind, making sure your little athlete gets the most delicious and nutritious fruit possible.


do i have to buy the snacks weekly?

Relax! We take care of everything. Parents pay one fee at the beginning of the year, and we take care of the snacks for every game, all season. No snack rotation. Simple, healthy, convenience. 


didn't find your answer?

Contact us with any questions and we'll get back to you ASAP.