More Energy. Faster Recovery.

Better Performance.

No Stress.

For Parents of Young Athletes to know exactly WHAT and WHEN to feed their kids and -BONUS- you'll also be giving your athletes ownership over their nutrition so they are confident knowing how to fuel their bodies for ultimate performance in sport, and school.

Nutrition Coaching will give you the edge most parents are missing.

Imagine YOUR KIDS having more energy to play the game, or faster muscle recovery; all from knowing what and when to eat. 

Your child is one step away from achieving their best. 

Fuel for performance and watch them soar.


What's in it for me?

You will learn how to keep nutrition simple for performance, how to fuel your young athlete's body before, during, and after activity-no matter the sport!

As well as having the knowledge of what to eat and when, you'll have access to an experienced Nutritionist (me!) so you can ask questions specific to your situation.

Have a tournament coming up? No problem! We can come up with exactly what you need, and when you need it. No more guessing! You'll be more prepared than ever before.

Imagine watching your athlete have more energy to finish the game, or their muscles repairing and recovering faster so they are READY TO GO, no matter the circumstances.

Get the edge you've been missing.

Nutrition Coaching

Group coaching for Parents of Young Athletes provides a team atmosphere, and we all work together. I only work with families that value work ethic, positivity, & dedication, and we support them 100%

Private Community

Sports Parents from all over & from all sports support each other here because we're all in this together! You'll have full access to our community 24/7 and be able to discuss ideas, concepts, and help each other. We are a team!


Let's make food easy, and take your athlete's game to the next level.

Learning how to fuel for performance isn't just about sports. It's also about focus in school, and living a healthy life WITH EASE.

This is coaching that will last a lifetime.


What can you expect?


You will watch your young athlete change right before your eyes. Simple changes will result in more energy, more focus, and better overall performance.

It's possible.

By knowing how to fuel properly, and knowing when to focus on certain foods, you can live how you want without any added stress. 

Young athletes are going to have treats and eat junk food, it's a fact of life. Imagine allowing your player to grow as an athlete and still be a kid.

Imagine your athlete having the most energy on the team.

Imagine them not being sore the day after practice.

Imagine their performance increase day after day

Small and simple changes to their nutrition is the difference.



$1245 + tax

One Time Investment

  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching
  • Sports Parent Community
  • Access to all previous videos/information
  • All Recipes & Downloads
  • Weekly Q&A 


$249 + tax/month

Monthly Investment

  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching
  • Sports Parent Community
  • Access to all previous videos/information
  • All Recipes & Downloads
  • Weekly Q&A

No More Stress.

Information you can ACTUALLY USE.

Knowing what & when to eat to fuel performance will help in sport, school, and beyond. Join us to fuel more wins!

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