Nutrition for Athletes

Mini Bootcamp 


I've got you covered with our Nutrition for Young Athletes MINI BOOTCAMP!

For Young Athletes, parents, and coaches that want the tools for ultimate performance.

More Energy. Faster Recovery. Better Performance.

This program is made for the Athlete that wants MORE.

The program is yours to access forever and completely self-guided, can be completed on your own time.

Each step includes a video, tips, downloads, and recipes you can implement right away.

Need more accountability?

Email Seanna about a personalized performance program.

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Nutrition for Athletes Mini Bootcamp

This self-guided program is focused on pre-game fuel, post-game recovery, and everything in between. You will learn how to use food to help gain maximum energy, faster recovery, and prevent injuries.

ONLY $97

Fuel More Wins!

Wins aren't just for sports.

Fuel more wins in school, and by living your best life. This program isn't just for right now. This will teach you lessons you will use for the rest of your life.

Nutrition is essential in all aspects of life. 

Learn to fuel your body now, and benefit forever.


"The Greater Toronto Hockey League’s go-to resource for everything related to nutrition for athlete performance"

"Seanna has become the Greater Toronto Hockey League’s go-to resource for everything related to nutrition for athlete performance. Our players have benefited from her nutritious team deliveries as well as her recipes and Q&A sessions on social media via Nutrition Tuesdays. Seanna is enthusiastic and easy to work with, always bringing new, innovative ideas to the table to get kids excited about eating healthy."

Adrienne Middlebrook, GTHL Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

For Coaches, Parents & Athletes.

Watch as the magic unfolds.

Small, simple changes to nutrition and habits will have a HUGE IMPACT on your Young Athlete's performance.

They will have more energy, recover faster, and simply have better overall performance. It's so easy, It will feel like magic.


Can't decide?

We can help you find the right solution for your young athlete and your family. Get in touch with Seanna today to start fuelling your family and seeing results.

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