Top Five Tips to Prepare for Tryouts (plus what to avoid)

Tryouts can be a stressful time for young athletes. Perhaps they are leaving a team they know and love, or maybe they are moving to a new level. Tryouts can be physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing.

No matter the situation, sport, age, or level of play, there are some simple ways to prepare for tryouts so you feel prepared.

#1: Be Hydrated

It's true that muscles perform at their best when they are properly hydrated. This does NOT mean downing a litre of water right beforehand. Instead, make a conscious effort to sip on water for a couple of days leading up to the tryout, and then have a cup or two about an hour beforehand. This will ensure you'll be able to make it through practice without cramping, or lack of focus. Sip water during the tryout as well.

(And notice I just said WATER...unless you are involved in a high intensity tryout for over an hour, you probably don't need food or sports drinks, especially for youth under 15).

#2: Fuel Up

Make sure you have excellent fuel leading up to a tryout. This means eating foods that make you feel really good and give you energy. Perhaps you have a favourite game day meal that you know works for you, or if the tryout is later in the day, make sure you have a really great breakfast to start your day off right. Whatever you do, don't go hungry.

If you are wondering what "the right food is", or want to incorporate some more nutrition into your training and development, get in touch. Nutrition can make a huge difference in your energy levels and recovery.

#3: Get Lots of Rest

Do your best to get a good night's sleep the night before a tryout. Your mind will be going a mile a minute when you're trying to go to sleep, so it's a good idea to keep away from screens, make sure your room is dark and cool, and get as much rest as possible.

#4: Mentally Prepare

Believing in yourself is an important skill when going to tryouts. Show up focused and confident, but not arrogant. Mistakes might happen, but it's how you respond that matters most. Keep your composure. You've got this!

#5: Give it Your All

Leave everything out there. When the tryouts are over, you'll know you've given your absolute best with no regrets. You won't always know what coaches are looking for. It could be skill, it could be grit. So show them what's you've got!

Also, remember to be kind and have fun. This is a GAME, after all. No matter the outcome, the world will not end-think of any result as an opportunity and the world is yours to conquer.

One thing to avoid? Trying a brand new food or meal right before tryouts. This is not the time to experiment, even if all of your friends and teammates say it works for them. You know what makes you feel best. The off-season is the best time to practice new meals and snacks...not right before a tryout!

Questions? Looking for nutrition coaching for your team or player?

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