Why Hockey Snacks?

Three years ago the idea for Hockey Snacks was born.

As a Nutritionist and Mom of three hockey players, I was always the Mom bringing the oranges and homemade muffins into the dressing room. Working for myself, I always had the time at home to make a batch of baked goods or run to the store to buy fresh fruit for the team. I’m not bragging-this was simply my reality. I know many other parents just didn’t have the time-and that was ok.

One day, another parent was in charge of snacks for the team.

Our practice was at 7:00AM, which means the snacks were handed out after the practice was over.

I walked into the dressing room at 8:00AM to see my little hockey player eating a bag of bright orange, cheesy, deep-fried tortilla chips. You know the ones!

Let me preface this next statement by saying I am not an evil Mom. I give my children treats. Also, I do not judge other parents-we’re all doing our best and I know the person who brought these snacks meant well. Judging other parents, or people in general, is never ok, and I want to be very clear about that.

But chips at 8:00AM? I knew we could do better.

At that moment, I knew I could make the change that so many parents wanted-and also make it ultra-convenient.

It’s not about placing blame or restrictions on parents. It’s really about time. Making healthy snacks available to the players, but also convenient for parents was the ultimate goal. I also knew if I made everything allergy-friendly, it would be able to include everyone on the team so no one was left out.

Bridging the association of eating nutritious food with being active was something I felt could be achieved.

I asked around to all the Hockey Moms I knew or who were simply hanging around the rink, and they were all on board. If they paid for the year, I would bring snacks for the players every week, and they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

The snack would be nutritious, always contain fresh fruit, and be allergy friendly. The snacks I chose would contain some fibre, some protein, and be low in sugar.

Done and done. Hockey Snacks became real. And the snacks were a huge hit!


Now we provide fresh fruit and healthy snacks to tournaments all throughout the GTA, as well, we provide nutrition education so the team can take ownership of their own nutrition and nourish their bodies properly for optimal performance and injury prevention.

We also have some more exciting news coming up this Fall that is going to make Hockey Snacks EVEN MORE CONVENIENT for each and every team in the GTA.

I can’t wait to share the news with you.

My passion has always been to share nutrition and food education in a fun way. Hockey Snacks has been a wonderful chance to do just that with all of you, the wonderful sporting community of Toronto and beyond.

If you see us at a local tournament, please come by and say hi. I usually have some snacks to hand out, and love to chat about hockey-and nutrition. Have questions? Please ask. Join our newsletter so you don’t miss out!


My goal is to change the paradigm of food and hockey. Right now we associate donuts, french fries, and pizza with feeing our young athletes and I believe that needs to change. There is always room for treats-I mean, we are talking about kids here-but when it comes to fuelling their bodies for performance, I know we can do better. And it starts with the right snack.